About Content Kit

Content Kit is an Australian-based startup co-founded by software developer, James Elligett and content designer, Meg Bassanetti.

We’re independent, self-funded and human. We won’t ask for your phone number when you sign up, or trick you in to paying after a free trial!

We want to help organizations big and small improve the content on their website. A website is the face of an organization. If information is unclear, out of date or missing, it impacts credibility, trustworthiness, productivity and the bottom line.

Getting feedback from the people who use your site is crucial. But it can feel unrealistic if you don’t have the time, resources or experience.

At Content Kit, we make it quick and easy to leave feedback, so everyone can do it.

Unlike other feedback tools, Content Kit won’t frustrate your visitors with annoying pop ups or surveys, or leave you guessing what the feedback is about and how to address it.

The intuitive design will make it feel like a brand new feature on your website. Visitors can highlight text to leave a comment or reaction so you’ll know exactly what they’re referring to.

By empowering people to interact with your web content, you can benefit from their time and capture valuable insights to make meaningful changes to your website.

We look forward to seeing your feedback about our site too!