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Take your business to the next level with real user feedback.

What is Content Kit?

Content Kit is the easiest way to collect user feedback on your site. Users can leave feedback with the button or by highlighting text.

The highlight feature lets users interact with your content down to the word or sentence. You know exactly what their feedback refers to and what to fix.

You don’t need to be a data scientist to understand or use your insights. And you don’t need to worry about privacy or security – we don’t collect any personal information from your users.

There’s no cost to get started and you can stay on the free plan as long as you want. We want all businesses, big and small, to benefit from user feedback.

Measure the user experience

Collect ratings

Users can leave feedback for a page and rate their experience. Choose from hearts, stars or emojis to match the mood of your website.

What’s in the box

Features you need without the complexity

Don’t put it off any longer! Start collecting user feedback today to find out what your users are thinking.

Focused feedback.
By selecting text, users can pinpoint the words and sentences that work and those that don’t so you know exactly what to improve.
Content Kit works with every type of website, including WordPress. Simply add our embed snippet for instant feedback functionality.
You can customize the feedback button, banner and messages. We also support dark mode.
Get feedback notifications by email or Microsoft Teams and usage alerts if you’re nearing your plan limits.
Our intuitive design reduces friction for your users and makes it easy for you to setup and use.
Unlimited seats.
Share insights with your team members without any extra cost.

Small details, big impact

A better experience for your users

User experience matters when you’re collecting feedback. Content Kit makes it quick and easy for users to leave feedback and follows best practice design.


Minimize frustration to maximize feedback. Users hate being interrupted with popups and wordy surveys. Content Kit offers an alternative that’s there when they need it without getting in the way.

Feedback options.

Users can express their thoughts and feelings in a way that works for them, whether that’s a reaction to a word or sentence or general comment on a page.


Reduce friction for users to leave feedback and protect their privacy. By not collecting personal information, it's a lot easier to comply with data protection requirements.

What makes us different

Why Content Kit

You don’t need a demo to see how it works or a training session to understand your insights. Content kit is the easiest way to collect feedback and gives you everything you need to start improving your site.

Highlight and react.
We’re the only user feedback tool that allows users to highlight text and leave a thumbs up or thumbs down reaction. Highlighting helps to pinpoint the problem so you know exactly what the user is referring to and what to fix.
Content Kit was designed with some of the strictest privacy laws (GDPR) in mind. The insights we collect are anonymous so you don’t need to worry about handling or storing personal information like names and email addresses.
We respect your time. We won’t make you sign up for a demo to see our product or pricing. You can leave feedback on our website to see what it’s like (we would love that, actually!) or try our free plan.
We’re a small tech team without funding or investors. That means we answer to our customers (not shareholders!) and can offer a great product at a competitive price. If there’s a feature you’d love to see, just let us know!

How it works

Get started in minutes

Start getting user insights today. There’s nothing to lose, only valuable insights to gain! If you need more information, our support team is happy to help.

Step 1. Customize your feedback tool
Choose how and where you'd like the feedback tool to appear so it's just right for your site.
Step 2. Add the embed script
We’ll give you a single line of code to copy and paste into your website. This allows users to leave comments and reactions.
Step 3. See your feedback
See all your feedback in one place in real time along with useful analytics, including:
  • URL
  • Time on page
  • Device, browser, operating system
  • User's preferred language
  • Timestamp
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Simple, transparent pricing. Billing is monthly, per organization.


Try it out for free


No credit card required

  • 1 site
  • View the first 15 comments or reactions per month
  • No notifications


Most popular

Perfect for small sites and teams

$14 /month (USD)

Plus local taxes

  • 1 site
  • View the first 100 comments or reactions per month
  • Receive up to 100 notifications per month


For teams who mean business

$89 /month (USD)

Plus local taxes

  • Up to 5 sites
  • View the first 250 comments or reactions for each site per month
  • Receive up to 250 notifications for each site per month


Enterprise plans are available with priority support and customized billing options.

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